9 Times Instagrammers Photoshop Skills Were Total Overkill

Instagram never ceases to amaze with the amount of people who are addicted to using Photoshop’s magic wand!

Some people do it for the recognition and attention, but sadly others do it because they’re unhappy with their real looks. It’s even gotten to the point where women are ashamed of their knuckles!

To that end, here are 50 Instagrammer’s who have gone way over the deep end with filters that give them impossibly smooth skin, 8-foot long spider legs, and eyes so big that it would even scare the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood!

1) “Legend”

Source: Reddit
So this guy looks like he might have actually worked hard for his ripped body, but perhpas it wasn’t quite to his standards. You know your quest for perfection has taken a turn for the worst when you turn to Photoshop. The warped closet gives it all away. Sir, you probably look great without it!