This Is Exactly What It’s Like Dating You, Based On Your Birth Order

Birth order can affect personality and personality can totally affect your dating experiences. Even though it’s only one factor that makes up a person and the outcome might vary case by case, it’s still a fun and useful way to predict what it’d be like to date someone depending on whether they’re the first, second, last, or the only child in their family.

If you’re curious, this is what it’s like to date you based on your birth order.

First Born

As the first child, you tend to be reliable, cautious, and high-achieving. Dating you is straightforward. You go through steps to progress the relationship and you don’t like undefined situations. That being said, each step can take quite some time for you as you don’t open up easily and you hate rushing things. You’re also structured and responsible, perhaps not by nature but due to circumstances in your own family. Your dates are often well-planned and you’re rarely ever late. At times you can be quite competitive with your partner, having the tendency to take charge and one-up them even in little things, like choosing the best restaurant, or naming all the characters in Harry Potter. Well, you just enjoy winning.

You often do well in long-term relationships and can get into a serious mindset early on. But when it comes to casual dating or on-off hook-ups, you might have a harder time than your siblings to fully enjoy yourself.