This Is How You Love An Aquarius Girl

The girl with the Aquarius soul is the one who lets her hair flow with the air around her. Unbrushed and wild, like a modern day Medusa. She pulls you into infatuation but she doesn’t let you keep her. She dazzles you, but she disappears. And she comes roaring back in tornadoes and hurricanes made of dreams and stardust.

Her spirit is free, her arms remain wide open. Her heart is sewn onto her sleeve for all to see, but she continues to keep it guarded. She remains kind to the world and accepts whatever it gives her, and she is a survivor all on her own, regardless of whether or not you are with her. She is the girl who you can’t hold back your desire for. But she holds the importance of value millions of miles over desire. She knows they are not the same. She chooses to shine alone, so others can choose to join her or leave her alone

You love the Aquarius spirit. She loves the moon more than she’ll ever love anything else. She is every part of the moon, as she is every drop and rise of a breathing chest. Her smile is the waxing gibbous, overtaking her body, but still partial. She is the quarter moon, never just a half. Never almost. She is always whole, but her dark side is kept in her shy, but outspoken throat.

Sometimes she is a paper-thin balsamic moon. Her darkness and anxiety almost taking over her, as she fights to continue to stay bright. She isn’t only silver and pearl. She is the que sera sera, letting anything be, going about life by ear, accepting what each day and night gives her.