The Truth Is, I Left You Because I Was Afraid

So this is me apologizing for the damage. This is me apologizing for the tears I caused. This is the regret and guilt I never felt coming back to haunt me. This is looking back at the happiest times of my life and realizing that if I had just tried to overcome my own problems, if I just put a little effort in, our relationship would have flourished and we would have been happy.

If I could hold you in my arms for a day, I would. If I could tell you all my fears and sorrows, I would. I would tell you every little bit of explanation you needed until you felt like you had an answer. So you wouldn’t be left so confused and tumbling down a self-destructive path.

To this day, I’m still thinking of you. I hope wherever you are that you’re happy, because you damn well deserve all the happiness in the world.