10 Signs This Relationship Is For Real

1. You feel supported. No matter what you set out to accomplish, you know your person is going to be there to support you. They always encourage you to follow your dreams because they believe in your potential. Even when you start to doubt yourself, they’re there to remind you you’re going to be okay.

2. You feel appreciated. Your partner thanks you whenever you make a sweet gesture or help them out around the house. You never feel like you’re being taken for granted. Your partner notices how much effort you put into the relationship, and they make sure to say thank you. 

3. You feel comfortable. Your person never pressures you into doing things that make you uncomfortable. They allow you to make your own decisions and respect whatever you have to say. When you’re with them, you might be filled with butterflies, but other than those happy nerves, you feel completely comfortable with them. In fact, even your silences are comfortable.