This Is Why You Should Embrace Your Aloneness


I think we idealize partnership so much that we forget when we are not in partnership, there are others worshipping and aching for our aloneness. We often view being in partnership as the “ideal”, but is it? This is not to undermine the beauty and purpose behind being in any kind of relationship. I get butterflies just at the thought of finally meeting a person I have that connection with. Humans are built for it. But I think we need to move past the conditioning that it is always the ideal. Depending on where we are in life, sometimes being single is what honors our path best. I have many people in my life that are in partnerships, but when I really take a look around me to observe them, there are only a few that I genuinely admire. It’s easy to look at others and idealize and romanticize their love, but we never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Lots of people give up parts of themselves to be in relationships. Lots of people put their own personal goals and life second. Lots of people are with the wrong person that doesn’t see or understand the fullness in their hearts. Lots of people stay in partnerships merely because staying is the comfortable option.

So I let myself admire the couples and smile at the love I hope they have and create stories of what they will do together when the sun dips into the mountains for the night, but I also embrace my aloneness. I embrace the milky sunset I am taking in by myself. I embrace having all the time in the world for my art. I embrace putting on a dress for no one but myself. I embrace the tenderness and openness in knowing that I could meet somebody any time, any minute.

I sure as hell know that when I’m married with children, I’ll look over at the woman watching the sunset alone in a beautiful dress, smile at her softly, and remember who I am.