10 Gentle Reminders For When You Have To End A Friendship

Sometimes, friendships end. The breakups aren’t usually as clear cut as romantic breakups, which can leave both people feeling like closure will elude them. However, the ending of any relationship is truly fueled by an understanding that you will be better off moving forward. Whether the end comes as a result of outgrowing, mismatched personalities, or an unforgivable experience, you are not alone in this. Everyone goes through it at some point in their lives. Making the decision is truly the hardest part, so you are already on your way to brighter days.

1. You are not a bad person for wanting to sever ties.

The value of your friendship does not lie in length of duration. It doesn’t lie in your ability to spread yourself so thin to accommodate as many people as you can, or even just one person. If you continue a friendship because you would feel guilty to leave it, it’s not really a solid friendship. Anything built on guilt is just going to bring about resentment and frustration. Those are the last things you need from your friends.