10 Gentle Reminders For When You Have To End A Friendship

2. Don’t listen to what other people think about your decision.

Some people might try to convince you to stick around for the sake of mutual friendships or just so as to not rock the boat. Some might tell you to go out with a bang or suggest various methods of how to end things. Some might try to make you feel guilty for your decision. But this isn’t about them. It’s not about your mutual friends, your old friends, new friends, parents, significant other, anyone. This is about you and making the hard decision to put yourself first.

3. A relationship that survives on a feeling of obligation is not healthy.

If your mentality to stay is that it’s always been this way, then you can’t expect anything to ever get better. You are not tied to anyone no matter how intertwined your lives may feel. You are not obligated to be anyone’s crutch or confidant. Besides, if it were you on the receiving end, would you really want someone to stick around for you only because they felt like they had to? Probably not.