10 Gentle Reminders For When You Have To End A Friendship

4. Everyone deserves to surround themselves with people who root for them.

This applies to both you and the person in question. If you find that you disagree with the majority of the decisions they make, the things they value, or the mentalities they have, and you cannot find a way to overlook these things, the best thing to do is leave. It’s okay to leave. Give them the space to find someone that they mesh better with as you do the same for yourself. Not all criticism is constructive, and not every person that challenges you needs to do it in a way that makes you feel like less.

5. You are not immature if you remove them from social media.

If you have chosen to remove someone from your life, you really don’t need to keep tabs on how they’re doing without you. Similarly, you don’t need to go second guessing anything you put up post-breakup with their potential reaction in mind. Let them go completely, because that’s really the only way to let anyone go. If someone tries to convince you that blocking or unfriending is too extreme, reread #2.