10 Gentle Reminders For When You Have To End A Friendship

6. You will get healthier as a result.

The moment that you decide to put yourself first, especially after so long of feeling depleted for the sake of another, your vibration will rise. You will begin acting authentically by default because you no longer need to cater yourself to someone else. You will start making decisions that bring you closer to who you really are and consequently will find new people who bring you closer to who you really are.

7. Choosing not to be around someone anymore is not the same thing as wishing them ill.

You don’t need to end things and then bad mouth them across town. You don’t need to justify your decision by listing the reasons why they were falling short. You already came to your conclusion that your life would be better if they were not in it, so stand by that decision, and hope that the same could be said for them. You can wish for someone to thrive without wanting to be a part of said thriving. All relationships are a two way street. You know you want your life to get better as a result, so why not wish the same for them too? And if you are ending things because they did something that hurt you, maybe just wish that they can find the answer to whatever is causing them so much pain that they feel the need to inflict it on another.