10 Gentle Reminders For When You Have To End A Friendship

8. Thank them for how they served you in life.

If you know about the amazingness that is Marie Kondo, you know she encourages you to thank things before you throw them out. At some point, this person served you in one way or another. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Clearly this person was a reason or a season. Maybe they provided you with comfort or good memories, or if nothing else, they showed you how you do not wish to be treated going forward. There is always a reason to say thank you, so find that reason and set them free.

9. Consider what you want out of a friendship.

The best part of getting what you don’t want is that it cues you in to the things that you do want. Friendships are no exception. When you take the time to reflect and decide what it is you really want out of your relationships (not just romantic ones), you open yourself up to attract a much healthier and worthwhile circle of people.