15 Sweet Ideas To Keep The Friendship Alive With Your Bestie

Remember when you were little and you spent almost all of your spare time with your besties? Epic playdates, epic messes, and epic sleepovers. Things were just… easier then. Fast forward to the teen years, friendships sometimes got messy, but stronger. School trouble, boy trouble, and trouble trouble. You found out who had your back, and who didn’t. Fast forward to your 20’s, and friendships are… different. Navigating friendships in your 20’s is much like ships passing in the night. Keeping a bestie date is quite easily mission impossible.

Let’s face the truth, you’re busy. With school, work, and life in general. Quick texts just to say hi, but no real time for a conversation is an all too familiar reality. Scheduling, and rescheduling bestie dates, even if they are only for an hour or two is just our new reality. So this is what our 20s look like? Good to know. With all of the running around and very little time to download your life with your bestie, it’s so easy to feel, well, disconnected. Honestly, it sucks, because where would you be without your bestie? Probably still pining over that guy that is no good for you (kidding, mostly). On the real though, besties are the best, and your friendships need a little TLC, especially with such a busy life, I know mine do.