15 Sweet Ideas To Keep The Friendship Alive With Your Bestie

So, here are 15 ideas to keep your friendship alive:

1. Agree to set a certain amount of time aside to do a weekly download of how your week went, new topics, and other gush-worthy topics via skype, zoom, or another online interface. (If you can swing a face to face date once a month, BONUS!)

 2. This one is a little old school, but if you’re anything like me you cherish the little things, especially if you can keep them long term. Send notes or letters to your besties, i.e. week 1: 10 most memorable memories of us, week 2: top 5 things we have to do this year together, week 3: quick response to a common topic or question, etc. Your bestie/s can respond to the “prompts” each week.