15 Sweet Ideas To Keep The Friendship Alive With Your Bestie

5. List a certain amount of things you love, admire, look up to, etc. about your bestie. I’m doing this with one of my besties for her birthday according to her age. You can do one according to something else special too like how long you’ve known them.

6. Validate them. Just tell them the truth about themselves that they may not see because trust me, they need it, and you know them pretty well so who better to tell them?

7. Send them a daily text to start off their morning. Short, and sweet. They can be different themes each week, bible verses, inspirational quotes, or just something that pertains to them. Whatever you choose, it’s a small detail that can mean a lot. Plus, if they’re having a bad day it’s nice to have a little pick me up from your bestie to refer back to.