15 Sweet Ideas To Keep The Friendship Alive With Your Bestie

12. If you are low on cash, find fun free things to do ahead of time. Look for calendars, schedules etc. and look for free. If you live in a major city, you can find almost anything, especially during summer time. Key to this is PLANNING AHEAD. Pencil it in and follow up. Isn’t it crazy how friendship can sound like a job? IT’S ONE OF THE BEST KIND THOUGH!

13. Have an artsy bestie? Two words for you then: Bestie Scrapbook.

14. Have a literary bestie? Go back to the old school stuff. Have a journal that you both write entries in, (try to get the ones that allow you to add pages) and keep swapping the journal bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. until the year ends. Here are two benefits: 1. You get to see each other in the pass off if you can take advantage 2. You guys can look back on your journal entries at the start of the new year, and later on in life.