10 Reasons Why Our Guy Friends Are A Blessing

DISCLAIMER: this is not a comparison between boys and girls as friends, for I don’t have a personal preference as I enjoy the company of both (in very diverse ways).

Let’s bust the myth: a boy and a girl undoubtedly can be friends, and I am the living proof of it. If you don’t believe this, you’re either close-minded or you want to fuck every human being you meet. The way I see it, people are just people, and I don’t fantasize over getting laid with every guy I meet (chances are I’m very pretentious and picky but that’s another story).

The truth is, I simply enjoy boys’ company a lot and I hardly fall in love so I don’t really see any preposterous risk in being friends with some dudes. By this, I mean that I understand this is not a scientific rule applicable to everybody, but it seems to work quite well for me and my squad.

In case you’re curious enough to know the reasons why I fancy male company this much, I’d like to take you through my 10 perks of having male friends: