10 Reasons Why Our Guy Friends Are A Blessing

2. They always manage to get a smile out of you

They make you laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh in such a unique way. Especially in the most inappropriate moments. They always have the right thing to say on the tip of their tongue and they show you how to see things in a lighter and funnier way. They insult you and call you names all the time, but that’s their way to tell you they love you. I low-key like it. Also, their compliments are so rare that when you get them, you know they’re for real.

3. They’re brutally honest

This is such a cliché for a reason. Since they don’t want to get into your sheets, they’ll never pretend to be something they’re not. They won’t need to sugar coat how that dress looks awful on you or blame you for wasting your time over a douchebag. Boys are more spontaneous and easy to be around, and they tend to be more objective and straightforward because they don’t fear your reaction. They also won’t be afraid of telling you if you’re making a mistake, instead of spilling the tea with somebody else.