10 Reasons Why Our Guy Friends Are A Blessing

6. They make you appreciate new things

In my case, it was mostly rap music, weird TV series, and drinking games, but everyone’s different and it’s always amusing to flip over things you didn’t expect liking that much. Boys can be inspiring, in their own way. And they are such good company during football season, my girl gang can’t stand watching “men chasing a ball.”

7. They are tremendous fake boyfriends

It happens to the best of us: You’ve been approached by a guy you don’t like and you desperately need a way out. That’s when they step in the game. You have incredible chemistry and you’ve known each other for a long time, hence they should be convincing enough to save you from any awkward situation (unless they want to embarrass you, by trying to set you up with the above mentioned guy; yes, it happened). They also make the perfect +1 at any ceremony you have to attend.